​​​DONA Approved Birth Doula Trainers

The Radiant Beginnings Volunteer Doula Program fosters an environment which supports the development and mentoring of new Doulas. Once Doulas have completed their DONA training thru Sterling Doulas, this program helps them gain experience; acquire professional skills and accomplish all the qualifications required to achieve DONA Certification.  

Many of the birth-givers who are referred to this volunteer Doula program; in addition to dealing with pregnancy, often find their lives in fragile situations. These situations can often add unique circumstances to the support needed during and immediately following labor.  Sterling Doulas often come together, when needed, to support each other in meeting a birth-giver’s needs, in an efficient and caring way.  

The Radiant Beginnings Volunteer Doula Program helps connect under-served birth-givers in the Denver Metro Community with volunteer Doulas who have completed the Sterling Doula DONA training curriculum.  Our mission is “Volunteer Doulas supporting Birth Givers with Quality Support Regardless of Financial Means.”   

The Radiant Beginnings Volunteer Doula Program is handled by Bianca McGee.  For ease of communication Bianca manages a Radiant Beginnings Volunteer Doula Facebook page.  She can post a need for Doula volunteers and Doula volunteers can also post specific support needs, concerning their birth assignments.

As Sterling Doulas become certified, many are selected to remain involved and have made the commitment to become Volunteer Mentor Doulas. These experienced Mentor Doulas are often available for new Doulas who need; last minute consults, phone calls to answer questions and help Doulas deal with potentially difficult situations.  These Mentor Doulas are also often the caring, supportive voice needed for a New Doula in Training, to help them get through the night.

In summary; Sterling Doula Training is a first step in embarking on a career as a Professional Doula.  Sterling Doulas will teach you, guide you and mentor you in meeting all the requirements for achieving Professional DONA Certification.  In addition, Sterling Doulas will be there for you throughout your Doula Career; as an informational resource, as a mentor and as a source for comforting fellowship when needed. We care about you.