Mountain Midwifery Birth Center has partnered with Sterling Doulas, LLC to provide complimentary doula support for Medicaid families. When families fall on hard times they still deserve support through one of life’s most precious moments, the birth of their child. Doulas who have attended an entire Sterling Doulas Birth Doula Workshop have the opportunity to support these families in their time of need. Contact Ann or Penny for more details.  

Opportunities for doulas to support those in need

Sterling Doulas has been training quality doulas for several years. We’re proud of the fact that our students know how to work as team players with staff, while fully supporting the birthing family. We are happy to connect qualified, certifying doulas with families who may not otherwise be able to afford this invaluable service. DONA International’s vision is “A doula for every person who wants one” we would like to see that become a reality. Families feel free to contact Ann at 303-916-7969 or who will be happy to connect you with a doula you can afford.

DONA International Birth Doula Trainer

Low cost doulas for families

Sterling Doulas continue to mentor their students long after the initial workshop.  Penny and Ann make themselves available for continued support, suggestions, processing and much, much more. Anyone is welcome to join our  Sterling Doulas Support Circlefree monthly meetings held the 2nd Sunday of each month at Mountain Midwifery Birth Center from 10:30-12:00pm. Join us for networking, education and just plain fun!

 Mentoring for new doulas 

Doula Support

The Greek word, doula means a woman caregiver. This word is now used to describe a trained and experienced labor companion who provides birthing families continuous emotional, physical and informational support before, during and just after childbirth. 

Research has proven families that have continuous support during labor are... 

  • less likely to have a cesarean delivery
  • less likely to use synthetic oxytocin to speed up labor
  • less likely to request pain medication
  • less likely to be dissatisfied with their birth experience
  • experience better maternal infant bonding
  • less postpartum depression

Ann has been supporting families through their birth experiences since 2001. She has seen firsthand that one-on-one continuous support makes a difference in how families feel about their birth experience. While having no preconceived ideas of how any birth should go, Ann likes to make sure the families she works with understand the choices they have in childbirth. Keeping the mother informed and involved in all decisions affecting both her and her baby makes for a more positive outcome. 

Ann's services include two prenatal visits, unlimited phone and email consultation, along with one in person postpartum visit.  At this visit I will provide detailed birth notes from your labor and birth experience, fill in any gaps you may have about your birth, answer questions you may have and provide resources as necessary. As a Certified Lactation Counselor I can help you overcome many common breastfeeding issues. 



Penny & Ann together make up Sterling Doulas, LLC. They are both experienced certified doulas and DONA-Approved Birth Doula Trainers. For 5 years they enjoyed teaching jointly, however they began branching out in similar, yet different directions. Although, both of them are still very much involved with doula work, including trainings and the birth community, it has worked extremely well for them to offer separate trainings. This way they are able to offer more date options and keep the groups to a smaller more intimate size. Please contact each trainer for more details.

​​​DONA Approved Birth Doula Trainers

DONA International Certified Birth Doula

Doula Certification Trainings