Ann Pollack CD/BDT(DONA),CLC: 
DONA-Approved Birth Doula Trainer

DONA International Treasurer

DONA International Certification Committee

​DONA Education Committee


I have been actively supporting families in their birth experiences since 1977.  I have supported families in the hospital setting, as well as homebirths and birth centers.  I love working with all types of families and providing them support in their varying circumstances, such as birthing multiples, VBACs, high-risk and unmedicated.


I am a DONA-Approved Birth Doula Trainer, a Certified Birth Doula, Treasurer for  DONA International, and a member of DONA International's Certification Committee. I am also a certified childbirth educator.  I am a member of Colorado Doulas Association and Colorado Midwives Association.


I have been happily married since 1979 and am the mother of five grown children and a grandmother to one adorable grandson and two beautiful granddaughters.



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Penny's Birth Experiences: 
I have had four healthy children after seven pregnancies.  I fully understand the emotional depth of loss and the incredible joy of watching our four children grow into adults.  My experience in the birth process began in 1970 with birth of our first child. Our last baby was born in 1987.

I found, during my 17 years of birthing our children, many theories changed. However, even with changes in childbirth theory, I have found that support during the birth process is vital and flexibility is key.



about penny

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Sterling Doulas

and implement the "Mentoring and Professional Development Program" for the Colorado Doulas Association. As one of the more experienced Doulas in Colorado, I enjoy mentoring young Doulas into the profession.

I have been happily married for over 40 years and enjoy sharing my life with my husband Dennis and our four adult children. With the help of our children and their spouses, we are a family of 15 - including six grandchildren.

Ann's Birth Experiences: 

I'm thankful for the women I had in my life when I was pregnant for the first time.  I had the priceless guidance of a sister and sister-in-law who had more experience than I in the wonder of our bodies and what they can do when guided and nurtured.  With my first daughter I labored mostly in the comfort of my home surrounded by the loving support of my family.  I was 7cm when I arrived at the Birth Center, and she was born soon thereafter.  My next three children were equally amazing and beautiful experiences birthed at home with a midwife.  My fifth child was a planned homebirth as the others had been, however, this would be a new journey for me.  For whatever reason, I ended up with placenta abruption and needed a cesarean section under general anesthesia.  My son was born healthy, and I recuperated fine.  I learned an important lesson from this experience.  We need to be educated and involved in our birth choices, but we also need to be flexible for the "unknown" that may be thrown in our path.  Having the right support is invaluable in keeping you an active member of your birth process, therefore leaving you with a positive experience, whether it goes as planned or takes a detour.

As a Doula, I hope to be that support to others.  

Penny Lyon CD/BDT(DONA): 
DONA-Approved Birth Doula Trainer

I have been working with expectant and new mothers, as well as their supporting caregivers since 1976.  I have an open philosophy of birthing. It is my commitment to promote reasonable expectations, emphasize the need for flexibility during the birth process and help a couple experience the joy of "guiltless" labor and birth.  I believe in keeping labor and birthing simple.  I am dedicated to supporting all women and embrace all choices.  And, most of all, I am committed to you and your partner in this wonderful and life-changing journey.

I am a DONA-Approved Birth Doula Trainer and Certified Birth Doula and the State Representative for DONA International. I am also a certified childbirth educator.  I am a member of the Colorado Doulas Association, DONA International and Colorado Midwives Association.  One of my professional accomplishments was helping develop