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both educate and thereby empower women in their journey through pregnancy and childbirth. Throughout the years she has had the privilege of attending numerous births of family and friends in the home, birth center and the hospital setting. For this reason she was excited to become a DONA Certified Birth Doula in 2001 and has since enjoyed supporting hundreds of families through their various birth experiences. Ann became a DONA-Approved Birth Doula Trainer in April of 2012, training over 300 doulas to date. Her trainings are extremely interactive, hands-on, group activities that appeal to a variety of learning styles. She enjoys the energy of her student doulas and finds it important to make herself available to mentor them to ensure their continued success. To aid in this process she has organized a monthly Doula Support Circle where she offers continued education, problem solving and networking opportunities. She continued to reach out and began volunteering her time on the Certification Committee. She served as Treasurer on the DONA International Board of Directors for 3 years from 2014 - 2017.  During her time on the board she served on many committees including Grievance, Education, Conference and Nominations. She continues to serve on a sub-committee of the Advocacy Committee, focused on promoting the doula profession. She especially enjoys her responsibility as a Trainer Re-approval Reviewer, where she has the privilege of working closely with trainers from all over the world. In 2015 Ann earned her CLC credential from The Healthy Children’s Project.

Family has always been Ann’s priority and greatest joy. She spent over 20 years homeschooling her 5 children who went on to excel in college pursuing their various careers. Ann lives in Littleton, Colorado with her husband of 39 years. She enjoys spending time with her 5 grown children and 5 grandchildren who, thankfully all live nearby. In her spare time she enjoys anything outdoors, golfing, running, gardening and her newest hobby, paddle boarding.

Ann Pollack has been actively supporting families in their birth experiences since 1977. Her exposure to childbirth began at the tender age of 16 when she attended her sister's birth. This experience ignited a strong desire to 

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Ann's Birth Experiences: 

I'm thankful for the women I had in my life when I was pregnant for the first time.  I had the priceless guidance of a sister and sister-in-law who had more experience than I in the wonder of our bodies and what they can do when guided and nurtured.  With my first daughter I labored mostly in the comfort of my home surrounded by the loving support of my family.  I was 7cm when I arrived at the Birth Center, and she was born soon thereafter.  My next three children were equally amazing and beautiful experiences birthed at home with a midwife.  My fifth child was a planned homebirth as the others had been, however, this would be a new journey for me.  For whatever reason, I ended up with placenta abruption and required a cesarean section under general anesthesia.  My son was born healthy, and I recuperated well.  I learned an important lesson from this experience.  We need to be educated and involved in our birth choices, but we also need to be flexible for the "unknown" that may be thrown in our path.  Having the right support is invaluable in keeping you an active member of your birth process, therefore leaving you with a positive experience, whether it goes as planned or takes a detour.

As a Doula, I hope to be that support to you.  

Ann Pollack CD/BDT(DONA),CLC: 
DONA-Approved Birth Doula Trainer

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